Clear Acrylic

Clear Acrylic

45 $

Clear Acrylic (3mm)



Customized Acrylic Sound Wave Bracelet
Clear as glass, this acrylic catches light like a diamond. Due to the fully transparent material the cord itself is clearly visible throughout, making for a unique overall look. With a total of 55 beads, this thinner acrylic creates a more detailed waveform than the 3 mm version. Goes well with all outfits and cord options.

"I am the Danger" Walter White Soundwave"I am the Danger" Walter White Soundwave

1. Select your options

2. Choose a message for your card

3. Choose a closure

4. Create a soundwave

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Submit your own file

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Additional information


99mm long and 16mm wide


comes with a 1 meter string of your choice – premium calf leather or natural rubber


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